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At Tenmile, we seek to address unmet needs in human health and support the development of a globally significant health science and technology sector in Australia.

Tenmile is a dedicated health technology investment business owned by Tattarang, one of Australia’s largest private investment groups.

With an initial capital allocation of $250 million, we act fast and with confidence, investing without some of the constraints of other venture capital funds.

Focused on supporting and building early-stage companies, we have the know-how, networks and evergreen capital to partner through all stages of growth.

With team members in Perth, Sydney and San Franscisco, we seek to address unmet needs in human health and support the development of a globally significant health science and technology sector in Australia.


Healthcare is a global challenge requiring global solutions.


Building an Australian sector means understanding international markets and trends and bringing international know-how and technology to Australian patients.

We leverage extensive local and international networks to help establish and promote the companies in which we invest, connecting them to resources that will fuel their growth.

Our remit is broad, spanning all health technology and sciences with some specific areas of interest in digital health, immunology, oncology, microbial resistance and the microbiome.

If you have a good idea and a strong business case that helps solve an unmet medical need, promotes health equity or delivers affordable, sustainable healthcare, we encourage you to apply!

Fill out our investment enquiry form at the link below.

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Tenmile’s rapidly growing portfolio includes:

Aravax is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on revolutionising the treatment of food allergies with next-generation specific immunotherapies which are designed to be safe, effective and convenient


Carina Biotech is an Australian pre-clinical immunotherapy company established to research and develop chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapies that could provide new approaches to treating solid cancers


CurveBeam AI has a unique weight bearing range of CT platforms, coupled with artificial intelligence tools to aid in diagnosis and complete surgical planning, to empower orthopaedic surgeons to manage the prevalent comorbidities of Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis


Emyria is an innovative drug development company backed by unique and proprietary clinical evidence, focused on the development of medicinal cannabinoids and psychedelics


Mindset Health build hypnosis-based digital therapeutics designed to help people manage irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal hot flushes, and to help people quit smoking


Psylo is an Australia-based biotech business focusing on next generation therapeutics inspired by psychedelic compounds in nature


Rock Health is making healthcare massively better by investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs, advising major corporations on what matters in digital health, and working to scale health equity for all humanity


SpeeDx specializes in molecular diagnostic solutions that go beyond simple detection to offer comprehensive information for improved patient management


Our team is driven for your success.

Tenmile’s team of business builders, specialists and experienced investors believe in the power of health technology to improve quality of life and drive better health outcomes for all.

Its trusted advisors and domain experts are united by a quest to develop and scale a health technology and sciences sector in Australia and inspire future generations of visionary innovators.



Dr Steve Burnell



John Hartman


Aizaz Syed
Aizaz Syed
Investment and Portfolio Manager
Arjun Balaji
Arjun Balaji
Investment Analyst
Joe Rogers
Joe Rogers
Venture Partner
Kelsee Sewell
Kelsee Sewell
Business Manager
Michael Lamprecht
Michael Lamprecht
Investment Associate

We Are Hiring

We are committed to building a talented and passionate team. To explore Tenmile’s current vacancies, please click the link below.


To read all our news, including investment announcements and appointments, please explore our News stories below:

Carina's newest board members Michael Wyzga and Remus Vezan15 Jun 2023Carina Biotech Appoints Two New US-based Biotechnology Executives to its Board of Directors

SpeeDX Lab28 Feb 2023SpeeDx raises $26 million to accelerate new technology development and commercial expansion

Peanut20 Dec 2022Tenmile makes US$10m commitment to peanut allergy therapy

tenmile-announcement15 Aug 2022Tattarang launches $250m dedicated health technology investment business

Autonomy and agility in making investment decisions is of great value. So is having access to the right partners and networks. Tenmile has both, giving our portfolio companies an extra advantage.

Being part of our family means our connections are your connections.


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Our Values

Tenmile is driven by a set of values


Be vulnerable, take risks to trust others.

Courage and Determination

NEGU – we never ever give up.


Go to your leader for advice, not permission.


Be the most positive person in the room.


Support each other, always be kind.


Think of ways we can do things better, faster, cheaper, safer.

Generating Ideas

Always be on the lookout for breakthroughs.


Do what you say you’re going to do.


Look out for your mates and yourself.

Stretch Targets

Always be uncomfortable with your level of challenge.


Diverse management teams make good investments. For every investment we make, we seek to understand the differential impact of a product or service by gender. We actively support female founders and encourage female participation in board and executive roles, in line with our company values.

In conjunction with Tattarang, we are thrilled to be a corporate partner in Women in Leadership Development (WiLD), a program providing Australian women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) with the qualifications, skills and networks needed to attain senior leadership and board positions.


At Tenmile we not only consider the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities associated with each investment, but we also encourage and support our investees to improve their ESG risk management and develop more sustainable business practices.

To assess overall performance of potential investees, ESG factors are considered (in addition to financial performance) at the first stage of the investment lifecycle and formally at investment decision stage. This informs our ongoing investment strategy, including active monitoring, management and reporting.

For our earliest stage companies and founders, we can offer advice on sustainability and ESG opportunities, so they are incorporated from the beginning.

Tenmile pool on the Ashburton River, in Western Australia, is a permanent and reliable source of clean water which has supported people and wildlife for millennia. A fitting name for an organisation that will support Australia’s most innovative entrepreneurs and impactful health ideas with reliable capital.

We appreciate your interest in Tenmile. If you would like to get in touch, please use the forms at the links below.

Alternatively you can:


+61 8 6460 4949


PO Box 3155, Broadway Nedlands, WA 6009


171-173 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000